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Institutional investing is not for the faint of heart. Delegating some or all of your current investment responsibilities to a co-fiduciary can let you more effectively reallocate resources and focus on program oversight and strategic decisions. If you are responsible for institutional investment decisions for a plan, then investment outsourcing options for fiduciaries offered by us could be the right solution for your organization.

PLAN SPONSORS: Outsourced Solutions for your Investment Challenges

We are registered investment advisor and can provide you selected delegated investment outsourcing solutions across both traditional and alternative asset classes. Our Delegated Investment Outsourcing Solutions are delivered in the form of the following services:

We can provide a solution that enhances the sophistication and oversight of your investment program because we serve as an extension of your staff, leveraging the 360 degrees of experience possessed by our team.

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We have all of the right capabilities under one roof creating opportunities for efficient, cost-effective solutions, helping you achieve both strategic and tactical goals and objectives.