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The universe for attractive outside capital supporting the investment industry is limited. Banks are generally not a great option because of aggressive collateral requirements. While commercial finance companies and mezzanine funds compete more effectively on occasion, they are unlikely to have the industry knowledge to underwrite your firm effectively. Private equity probably represents the most accessible source of outside capital for your firm; however, the underwriting methodology depends on a strategy that depends on the sale or recapitalization of your firm within three to five years. Frequently, these private equity-driven transactions are difficult to effectuate because of client concerns regarding changes in control.

INVESTMENT MANAGERS: Financing Solutions to meet your growth challenges

We are a specialty finance company targeting small to medium-sized investment management firms. We provide capital to you to support your financing needs for:

We are targeting investments between $5 million and $25 million. We are uniquely qualified to partner with you because we have significant industry experience across the entire spectrum of the investment management sector and significant functional experience in banking, mezzanine and equity investing and corporate finance.

To support your financing needs, we have designed an attractive financing instrument that it is not a an equity investment or a debt but is a security that derives its repayment from share of revenue on a monthly or quarterly basis. This financing instrument carries a fixed, pre-determined bond-like rate, targeting either a pre-determined internal rate of return or cash on cash return to us. Our goal is to be your financial partner supporting the growth of your firm.

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We have all of the right capabilities under one roof creating opportunities for efficient, cost-effective solutions, helping you achieve both strategic and tactical goals and objectives.