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Product Leader: Lawrence C. Manson, Jr.

Enterprise Risk Assessment

Practice Leader: Lawrence C. Manson, Jr.

We focus on your business fundamentals to mitigate risk. The NexTier Pathfinder Process: Pursuit of Excellence™ guides you through an enterprise risk assessment. The process measures your firm’s adherence to industry best practices.

Three Phases define the Process.

  • Phase One, Assessment: The first step is divided into five components:
    • an introduction to our proprietary, web-based survey tool
    • the administration of the survey
    • the interview of each survey participant regarding job responsibilities,
    • the development of a skills matrix based on the interviews
    • the measurement, analysis and reporting of the survey results.
  • Phase Two, Strategy and Translation: The next step is the development of an action plan, or blueprint, to improve your business fundamentals. The blueprint will provide:
    • a list of prioritized success solutions, identifying a plan to meet industry best practices, where appropriate
    • an outline of implementation impediments
    • resource requirements for each success solution
  • Phase Three, Implementation: If appropriate, we can assist you with the implementation of all or selected success solutions outlined in the blueprint

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