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Product Leader: Lawrence C. Manson, Jr.

Corporate Finance

Practice Leader: Lawrence C. Manson, Jr.

We offer selected corporate finance services that can help you address your capital, treasury, investor relations and management needs by improving financial controls, planning and implementation processes.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Review, develop and orchestrate the implementation of accounting procedures, financial controls and business planning activities
  • Review and develop capital markets strategies, including advising on the optimal methods for raising equity and debt capital
  • Review, develop and orchestrate the implementation of treasury strategies
  • Design communications and reporting strategies to enhance investor perception and improve legacy franchise value
  • Develop financial acumen training for selected employees and stakeholders
  • Develop performance tracking tools

Consulting Services

The NexTier Advantage

We have all of the right capabilities under one roof creating opportunities for efficient, cost-effective solutions, helping you achieve both strategic and tactical goals and objectives.