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Product Leader: Lawrence C. Manson, Jr.


The pressure to generate top decile investment performance, increase assets and generate profitable revenues is intense. This is compounded by an escalating number of distractions that can negatively impact achieving these goals. We are here to help you meet and exceed your strategic goals and objectives. To meet those challenges, we also provide tactical execution support.

Investment Managers: Consulting Solutions for the Institutional Investment Managers

We help you recognize and implement industry best practices so that you can accelerate the growth of assets under management and profitability.

While we offer various solutions, we always recommend that you always start with an Enterprise Risk Assessment. However, if a “hot spot” is known with a high degree of certainty, we can help you with one of the following solution services:

Our professionals have extensive experience developing and implementing successful, actionable solutions while at here or at other organizations.

Consulting Services

The NexTier Advantage

We have all of the right capabilities under one roof creating opportunities for efficient, cost-effective solutions, helping you achieve both strategic and tactical goals and objectives.