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Increasing and retaining profitable assets under management is difficult. We provide solutions.
Remaining relevant is a challenge for every investment manager. We ease the burden and provide guidance.
Infrastructure needs are addressable. We can deliver a team to assist with solutions implementation.
Our principals have "360 degrees" of experience. We leverage that to identify “blind spots” and provide direction.

360 Degrees of Experience

Consulting solutions for the institutional investment management community

Running an investment firm is tougher than it has ever been

The pressure to generate top decile investment performance, increase assets and generate profitable revenues is intense.  This is compounded by an escalating number of distractions that can negatively impact achieving these goals.  We are here to help you.


We deliver proven solutions for the investment management community

As an investment management consulting firm, we serve the leadership of investment firms, both traditional and alternative.  We engage “thinkers” and “doers” to help you achieve enhanced investment performance, increased assets under management and greater profitability while reducing overall business risk.  Our 360 degrees of experience is the cornerstone of our advice.  If we have not implemented the solution successfully, we will not make the recommendation.

Our clients meet and exceed their strategic goals and objectives

To help you meet your goals, we always recommend starting with an  assessment, to identify a firm's operational standing relative to industry best practices.  Based on the results of the assessment, our team will develop a blueprint that outlines suggested solutions for areas of concern.  Our services include: business development, compliance, corporate finance, executive outsourcing, human resources, marketing and communicationsstrategic planning, succession planning and technology planning.

Talented senior professionals staff every engagement

Our professionals have extensive experience developing and implementing successful, actionable solutions while at NexTier or at other organizations.  On average, our consulting team possesses approximately 29 years of business experience and 26 years of investment management experience.




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